Salmon Sightings Reporting

The Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation, along with People For an Environmentally Responsible Kenmore (PERK) and the University of Washington, Bothell, are eager to gather information about the presence of salmon in our streams and the environmental challenges they face.  We are particularly interested in the possibility of restoring our once abundant native kokanee salmon (a form of sockeye salmon that does not migrate to the ocean), but we are interested in any and all information related to salmon (including your recollections of past presence or abundance).

The participation of citizens is critical to our understanding of the health of our streams.  You can provide information by clicking on the image below:


The fish on the left was collected in 1888 in “a creek entering North Lake Washington.” On the right is a modern native kokanee from Ebright Creek in Lake Sammamish.  Native kokanee once flourished throughout North Lake Washington, the Sammamish River, and its tributaries, and Lake Sammamish.  Photo Credits:  Dr. Jeffrey S. Jensen, UW Bothell