Salmon’s Guide to LFP

salmonguideimage We who live in Lake Forest Park inherit some special blessings. Clear, singing streams criss-cross our city. Wooded bluffs and wetlands teem with songbirds and other creatures who make our lives richer.   Some of the creeks are home to salmon and trout. All of them used to be. Time, and our ways of using land, have not been kind to them.

More people are becoming aware – perhaps more than at any time in our City’s history – of the extraordinary beauty and importance of our green and wet landscape, and the fish, birds and wildlife that live here. Hundreds of local citizens are focusing their energy on our shared natural treasures and giving their time and money toward protecting them. Perhaps this little book can give that movement a boost. chinook_in_mcaleer_2000mediumIt’s a brief geography, with some history, of the streams, wetlands, bluffs, public parks and open spaces in your City. There are maps to help you locate these fragile areas. State Fish and Wildlife biologists have contributed suggestions for improving our streams and other common wealth, and ways in which you can become involved.

We hope you’ll find something here you didn’t know, and perhaps be moved to join your community’s effort to stay green and grow greener.

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Photo information:  Chinook salmon in McAleer Creek, 2000.