Thank you for your interest in preserving and improving
the natural wonders of Lake Forest Park!


The LFPSF is sponsoring the Secret Gardens of Lake Forest Park,

Take this opportunity to peek behind the gates of some of the best gardens in Lake Forest Park. You will see how garden owners manage slopes, and feature local artists in their gardens highlighting whimsey with function. Explore the use of hardscape to bring out the gardens in interesting and thoughtful ways.
The Secret Gardens of Lake Forest Park Garden Tour & Market is a collaboration among four local non-profits that serve the community: Third Place Commons, the Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation, Shorelake Arts, and the Lake Forest Park Garden Club.  Purchase your ticket in advance for $15 or at the door for $20.  The proceeds from the sale of tickets support these organizations and provide public art for the community.

If you missed the Lake Forest Park Climate Town Hall on Saturday April 23rd, 2022, you can watch a recording of the event.

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