Community Paint Day was a huge success!

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Community Paint Day to create this beautiful mural on the concrete bridge over McAleer Creek by Animal Acres Park was completed on Saturday, September 10th with over 200 volunteers helping. The design by artist Austin Picinich is intended to raise awareness about the salmon-bearing stream just below the road, and the plight of Puget Sound salmon. THANK YOU TO ALL who came out and supported the project in so many ways! Special thanks to the City of Lake Forest Park, UrbanArtWorks, ShoreLake Arts, LFP Water District, Trout Unlimited, Westlake ACE Hardware, Bright Street Construction, and the LFP Rotary Club and our AWESOME artist Austin!

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Thank to everyone who attended the LFPSF-sponsored Secret Gardens of Lake Forest Park,!If you missed the Lake Forest Park Climate Town Hall on Saturday April 23rd, 2022, you can watch a recording of the event.

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