StreamKeepers is a project of the LFP Stewardship Foundation

The Lake Forest Park StreamKeepers is a group of volunteers who keep an eye on stream quality and help educate on proper care to ensure continuing health and improvement to the quality of the streams within the City and McAleer/Lyon creek watershed in Lake Forest Park, Washington. We conduct regular stream testing, including chemical, fecal coliform, and biological integrity (BIBI). Last year we published a report in the Shoreline Area News that outlined the overall health of both Lyon and McAleer Creeks (

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– Encourage and facilitate public involvement in stream monitoring, watershed stewardship and stream restoration to support salmon and trout.

– To provide useful, credible data to the City of Lake Forest Park and to other natural resource planners acting to protect and restore the streams of Lake Forest Park.

– Report the information collected, on a regular and timely basis to the City of Lake Forest Park, to fellow volunteers, to the citizens of Lake Forest Park and to other interested agencies and organizations.

For more information or to join us, contact LFPSF Board member Brian Saunders



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