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Environmental Stewardship Improves Quality of Life

We are a community-based, nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization
working to protect and enhance
the natural environment of Lake Forest Park since 1998.

The Stewardship Foundation collaborates with the City and other governmental and nonprofit organizations, and mobilizes citizen volunteers to promote the improvement and enjoyment of parks and public spaces, and increase awareness, restoration and protection of natural habitats within Lake Forest Park’s watershed.

We invite you to join us – there are many ways to get involved!

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to everyone who attended and/or sent your comments in advance of the Sept. 8th

City Council Mtg

The Council adopted a temporary moratorium on significant tree removals until the Tree Ordinance can be updated.


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Another successful year of raising Coho eggs in several local elementary schools for 2016. Read about the 2014 Release here: "GOOD LUCK, Fishy!”

Once again, we witnessed a new generation of young minds inspired to “bring the salmon back,” with the annual salmon releases involving neighborhood elementary schools. More info and photos here.

Foundation Board members staffed tables at the
LFP Green Fair
in March

We enjoyed meeting so many of you interested in environmental stewardship!

Toxins Concerns Build in North Lake Washington

The Stewardship Foundation (LFPSF) is collaborating with PERK (People for and Environmentally Responsible Kenmore) regarding toxic dioxins and the disruptions of sediments in the area of Kenmore Harbor. The toxins are of concern to all people and animals who may be in contact with the water, whether wading, swimming at the beaches, boating or fishing. The original source of the dioxins has not been determined, but last year test samples were taken in the area of Kenmore Harbor, all the way to Lake Forest Park Civic Club, and the dioxins were found to be present.

Read the full article here about recent actions and efforts to get environmental review of water and air quality concerns related to industrial activities in Kenmore.

THANKS to everyone who attended the
festivities on November 15th 2013!

We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful place with involved citizens, who also like to have a little fun.

THANKS to all for supporting environmental
advocacy here in our watershed.

Donations are still being accepted!
Mail in your check, or donate here.

The Stewardship Foundation's Salmon In the Schools program continues to teach local students about the lifecycle and habitat needs of salmon, the importance of water quality, and what people can do to help improve the environment. Read more about this program here.

Current info on the 12,000 Rain Gardens campaign can be found here.

English Ivy is a serious problem in our community. Read more about this scourge, and how you can help to eliminate it - or at least, keep it under control - here.

. or Low Impact Development, the term used to describe many different landscape and building solutions designed to reduce the impact of human activities on our natural environment. Read more about L.I.D. here.


Apr. 20 2013: A new kiosk has been installed at the parking lot entrance to Grace Cole Nature Park.This kiosk was paid for by a generous donation from Sen. Darlene Fairley. See more photos here.

LFPSF Co-President Mamie Bolender with Jay Inslee at a work party at Grace Cole Nature Park

Unauthorized Clearing at Grace Cole Nature Park

It is currently a mystery as to who performed the illegal clearing at Cole Nature Park. See photos here. .

More LFPSF news is available here.


Our Watershed

Download a copy of the latest edition of our "Salmon's Guide to Lake Forest Park" map in PDF format.

Other formats available here.


The Stewardship Foundation in action...

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